Horse Tenders
HorseTenders Equine Dentistry Program

Kris Kokal EquDT recently graduated from one of only 4 Equine Dental Academies in the USA. Kris has expanded his extensive resume of horse training and farrier/barefoot work. He has 10 years experience with horses, colt starting, retraining dangerous horses, training wild horses and educating owners.

Kris has a strong desire to make the horse world a better place for horses. He wants to educate the owners on the benefits of maintaining a horse’s mouth properly.

Equine dental equilibration is a term used to describe proper balance and maintenance of the equine mouth. Performance floats can benefit trainers and owners to obtain maximum performance from their animals. Care of the equine mouth is not simply “floating”, but includes incisor reduction, canine reduction, wolf tooth extraction, molar reduction, and tartar removal.

Kris works without sedation. He uses his classic horsemanship skills to keep the horse calm. He then earns their trust. His passion for dentistry is evident from the first touch.

HorseTenders LLC is currently booking dental equilibrium appointments. Your horses will thank you and owners will learn the value of maintaining a horse’s mouth.

Kris enjoys doing mini's teeth and has the proper sized equipment to deal with minis as well. They too need their teeth done every year.

Travel fees charged for distances more than 20 miles outside of Greenfield, NH. Will travel to northern MA, eastern VT and southern ME. Dental evaluations start at $90 and prices vary from horse to horse.

Please contact us us for any additional details, pricing information, or to schedule an appointment.