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HorseTenders LLC - Developing Mettle without Metal ™

We are a family operated business and have developed our unique nationally and internationally recognized training approaches to train both the horse and owner. We strongly support the horse’s right to be free of metal - whether it is a bit, spurs or shoes.

HorseTenders LLC promotes natural horsemanship by providing a full complement of services ranging from fully customized natural horse training to premium quality barefoot trims and equine dentistry.

HorseTenders Mustang Training Clinic Series

HorseTenders LLCis proud to announce their HorseTenders Mustang Training Clinic Series. These clinics are a rare opportunity to learn, develop, & hone skills using HorseTenders Mustang Foundation mustangs and becoming a part of their healing process.

Horse Tenders
Horse Tenders
HorseTenders Trainer Program

HorseTenders LLC is proud to announce their long awaited and highly anticipated HorseTenders Trainer Program. This unique series has been developed as a direct result of overwhelming popular demand stemming from the genuine interest of horse trainers, horse lovers, and owners seeking deeper and fuller insights in to the HorseTenders LLC proven “Developing Mettle without Metal”™ training approaches.

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Come experience the difference for yourself.

Horse Tenders
Wild Horse Wild Ride is now available for purchase!

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Pictured is Kris Kokal, Missy Rustemeyer (owner of Ranahan) and Nik Kokal in NYC at premier of Wild Horse Wild Ride - August 2012.

Horse Tenders

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